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Hotel Relais & Chateaux Il Bottaccio to Host Annual Russian Art Festival

Hotel Relais IL Bottaccio - Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany

Saturday August 9, 2014 in Forte dei Marmi, Relais & Chateaux Il Bottaccio and Basinia Shulman present the Grand opening of Annual Russian Art Festival “Fleurs de la Russie”. Famopus Russian School musicians and the art of russian artist Laventry Bruni.

Tomorrow August 9th, 2014 Il Bottaccio, one of the most exclusive 5 star luxury hotels in Forte dei Marmi, will host for the second year in a row the opening of the Annual Russian Art Festival “Fleurs de la Russie”.

Basnia Shulman

“We have everything in place and are down to the final details for tomorrow evening” said a spokesperson earlier today in the framework of preparations of tomorrows exclusive event:

“Fleurs de la Russie” is a unique event which fits in perfectly with our style and vocation of world Class luxury hotel in Forte dei Marmi. The event was a great success last year. Together with Basnia Shulman we decided to confirm this appointment again this year and offer an unforgettable evening to those who participate.

The event is built around some of the best and most famous Russian musicians who will entertain our Guests with a program selection of Russian composers Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Scriabin.

The performers are all very well known not only in Russia, but also in Europe.

Basnia Shulman has studied at the Gnesin School and graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory. Basnia achieved postgraduate studies at the Brussels Conservatory, under the direction of Eugeny Mogilevsky.

The ensemble of musicians participating are:

Elena Revich – violin
Anna Azernikova – soprano
Dmitry Prokofiev – cello

We look forward to welcoming at Il Bottaccio a very talented artist we are certain our Guests will appreciate for his original creativity: Lavrenty Bruni. Lavrenty is a contemporary artist who has been exhibiting his work since 1991.

To make an exceptional evening outstanding, our Director and Chef Nino Mosca is preparing a menu of exceptional sophistication and intensity which will add context and culinary pleasure to the event.”

Il Bottaccio is a unique Relais & Chateaux Luxury Hotel near Forte dei Marmi. A secluded location just minutes away from the noise and excitement of the famous Tuscan nightlife attractions and the beaches of Versilia, Il Bottaccio offers the luxury, class and superior accommodation standards which exceed typical 5 star hotel levels of quality.

In a handful of suites and apartments, Guests enjoy ultimate privacy along with SPA and Wellness treatments.

Il Bottaccio is a true work of art which required a great deal of effort and artistry to transform the ruins of what was once a villa and annexed water powered olive mill into a modern day world class attraction.

Over the years Il Bottaccio has been blessed by the presence of many celebrities. The Royal Suite is decorated with the original millstones used to squeeze the olives: high ceilings crown the antique fireplace on one end, on the other the breath taking view of the sea.


More information and bookings:

Il Bottaccio – Luxury Suites & Restaurant
Via Bottaccio, 1
54038 Montignoso (MS)
Forte dei Marmi,  Tuscany
Tel: +39 0585340031 +39 0585821353 Fax: +39 0585340103

Neal Barabar sculpture in Forte dei Marmi (Lucca)

scultura1From July 4 to September 27 the Hotel Byron in Forte dei Marmi opens again its doors to the world of culture and contemporary art with an exhibition of sculptures created specifically for these areas by the Californian Neal Barabar.
There are approximately ten pieces placed in the garden and in some rooms with the intention of bringing the public to know better and better a large community of national and international artists working and living around Pietrasanta.
Neal Barabar works in his studio in Pescarella between Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi, with other artists working in marble. The study is a short walk from many laboratories in the area. This allows him to have many types of marble from the quarries from both local and those imported from around the world.
The marble used for the works presented has strong, deep, warm and superimposed colours so to make possible to achieve vertical compositions of different forms. In some works as the Marble Mini Ping forms are derived from diamonds superimposed on each other.
Barabar Neal has never used a marble of a single type, for example, the typical white Carrara marble. forte
He believes that the rich colour that is obtained by mixing colours gives another dimension to the sculpture, it’s almost like painting with the stone. The most used marble are the Turkish leopard, also known as Raggio di Luna, the China ming green marble, similar to jade, the Portuguese pink marble with inserts of large crystals.
A hotel as an area of exposure? Yes, this is an alternative to galleries and museums, provides a different accessibility of the public. The hotel is akind of alternative house. You can live with art, you can play and interact, which in a gallery or a museum would not be possible.
The physical dimensions of the interior of Byron Hotel and the inability to use a forklift created problems in putting large-scale sculptures made all of one piece, so the artist has opted for the solution to link into various components, which were then were assembled on site, thus giving rise to a surprising monumentality in such intimate spaces, especially inside the rooms.
Neal Barabar, after studying at the University of California, Santa Cruz, since 1987 lives and works in Pietrasanta, home to many international artists and sculptors who have created in this corner of Versilia their open studios. Many of his works are in public and private collections in California, Germany, China and Sweden and also in Italy.
Hotel Byron is situated on Lungomare di Forte dei Marmi, a short walk from the famous Capannina. The hotel has been drawn from the union of two liberty villas. These villas have been for many years a meeting point of the nobility associated with the Savoy and later were used as a hotel but retaining its original characteristics.
2Byron Hotel
Viale A. Morin 46
Forte dei Marmi
0039 0584 787052
entrance free from 10.00 to 20.00.

Hotel la Pace in Forte dei Marmi

The hotel is 200 metres from the sea and in centre but still, its complete absence of noises and its big garden welcomes you in a very peaceful and dreamy environment.

Learn Italian at the seaside in Viareggio

Italian language school The italian language school “Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo” organizes all the year round Italian Language and Culture Courses to learn italian in Viareggio.

The school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, the Swedish CSN and is member of ASILS, the Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language that guarantees the quality of the courses.

Party on the beachThe schools is not only a place where one can follow entertaining and high quality lessons, but also a place where students can enjoy pleasant moments of socialization. On the first day, after the test, the students are invited to visit the town under the guidance of a teacher. The school also organizes a small party during the first week and, during the summer, some night parties on the beach.

So the students are able to get to know each other and feel part of a group of friends rather than tourists. At our school there is a relaxed and familiar environment thanks to a friendly staff. The secretary is also permanently available to provide information about leisure activities as well as to help with bureaucratic problems.

ILM offers a wide range of different italian language programs from our popular standard language course to individual tuition, cookery course and Wine-tasting course. People from all over the world come here to learn the italian language and to study the italian culture and way of living.

The Courses

On the first day of a course each student is carefully assessed by means of an entry test so as to place him or her in a group that is suited to his/her knowledge of the Italian language.
The groups of students are on average small (6-7 students) with a maximum of 12 students per class.
There are eight levels from absolute beginner to advanced. The lessons take place from Monday to Friday, normally in the morning.
The cost of the course includes: lessons, course entry test and certificate of attendance, teaching materials, booking of accomodation, help with applications for visa and residence permit, some social activities organized by the school, the showing of films.

Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo

Via XX Settembre N°39 – Viareggio
Phone +39 333 6460640

Head Office: Via C. Battisti, 3 C.P. 209 – I-56100 Pisa
Phone +39 050 500399
Fax +39 050 48157


Historical Versilia

Small map of Versilia

Versilia occupies the north-western part of Tuscany, between the ridge of the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The historic territory of Versilia is divided into the administrative Communes of Pietrasanta, Forte di Marmi, Seravezza and Stazzema.

Nowaday, the term “Versilia” includes also the communes of Massarosa, Camaiore and Viareggio.

Cartina della Versilia